Virtual Private Servers hosting is a ubiquitous choice when it comes to hosting services for your websites and online services.

With tens of options out there it can be difficult to choose the right one.

There are numerous things to consider from price to the services provided.

In this article, we’ll help you choose the best hosting services and also discuss all of the options to look out for.

So don’t worry if this is your first time choosing a hosting service or your tenth.

We’ll make it simple to choose one, so just keep reading on.

Best UK VPS Hosting Services

We will now introduce you to 7 of the best virtual private server services in the United Kingdom. Read the descriptions carefully and choose the one that you think will be the best option for your needs.

1. Hostinger


Hostinger is a virtual private servers provider and internet domain registrar. Founded in 2004, its original name was Hosting Media. Now in 2021, it was listed as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe.

Hostinger has facilities in seven places across the world. Brazil, Indonesia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States. This allows it to have great support and response times around the globe as well as fast speeds with low latency.

As for the speed of the virtual server, the US server has 778ms better than the Singapore server which has 1s. Furthermore, VPS hosting of the US has better uptime than Singapore. Load testing proved Us Vps hosting to be better than Singapore VPS hosting. Around ten thousand requests have been done on the US server and 7000 requests on the Singapore server. There were no HTTP failures in other of them. Hostinger also has an inbuild Cache manager. we can also use the Litespeed cache manager for free since it is based on LiteSpeed servers. we can also get Notified of WordPress Vulnerabilities.

It has easy one-click backup and restoration. This virtual server is very easy to use. There is a panel that is helpful for beginners. You can also get chat support. At present, the support time is 20-60 mins you have to pay extra to get a fast reply.

2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting features are not exactly straightforward. They have a lot of different of their service that is all uniquely named. For example, they have swift servers, turbo servers, Turbo boost,a2 optimized site Accelerator, A2 optimized Software. These terms can be confusing for beginners.

Its key features are:

  1. Unlimited SSD Space & Transfer
  2. Speed Optimized WordPress
  3. Free & Easy Site Migration
  4. 99.9% Uptime CommitmenFree Automatic Backups
  5. 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
  6. Easy Money Back Guarantee

Furthermore, it also has an SSL certificate. Which is nice and secure for those who are privacy concerned. One great thing about h2 is that they are very clear about how much RAM your website will be using and how much memory is needed to Run certain features.

Their Dedicated Servers offer both Managed and Unmanaged hosted options depending on your specific requirements. In addition, their VPS Hosting includes both Managed and Unmanaged hosted options depending on your support and configuration needs.

3. bluehost


Bluehost is a virtual private server business enterprise owned via way of means of Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest[1] net hosts, together with web website hosting nicely over 2 million domains. It is most popular among hosting companies because of its affordability, customer value, and Newbie friendly. It is also one of three hosting companies that are officially recommended by WordPress

It is quite easy to manage. You can change the cache settings on the performance page. the settings page gives you the update that has happened. You can also manage your content such as a blog.

Its performance is brilliant as it has the fastest loading time as compared to other VPS hosting companies which are 2.39s. Secondly, It has an uptime of 99.98%.

Bluehost VPS hosting stands out in customer support.

Its downside is that those who are more advanced and enhanced in hosting may want to choose anote=her VPS hosting site. also, Bluehost does not offer site migration.

4. Liquidweb


Liquid Web is a company of net web website hosting and controlled cloud services. They provide high-performance web hosting with excellent support. But that doesn’t come cheap. Its price is high because it does not has shared hosting. Liquid Web stopped offering shared hosting so that it could focus on higher-tiered hosting where the fun innovation happens.

This allows them to focus on delivering value in 2 important ways:

  • Better hosting performance and experience
  • Better support.

All hosting choices on Liquid internet are totally managed. meaning that their employees take care of server updates, security, and performance optimization. the concept is that they look out for all the backend support that you simply might not have expertise in, and you are taking care of building your websites.

Liquid Web specializes in premium hosting and does not offer any shared plans. Liquid Web says some home pages (WordPress sites) load 5-10 times faster than other managed WordPress hosts. Their managed Woocommerce plans promise faster load times, up to a 95% reduction in query loads, and fast, expert support. Also:

  • Free migration
  • Optimized servers for 2-10X faster speeds
  • Abandoned cart email service
  • Page builder plugins
  • Thousands of themes
  • Mobile optimized & responsive sites
  • Image support
  • Free SSL Certificate.

They also have cloud VPS which comes with Cpanel and is fully managed.

The average uptime was 100% during the Liquid Host test. And their average response time was an astonishing 241 milliseconds to conclude, this VPS hosting has a fast expert support team, All high-quality Plans, and a wide range of managed hosting options. but the cons are its knowledge is difficult to navigate, it’s expensive and it does not allow share hosting.

5. GreenGeeks


GreenGeeks is virtual web hosting that is faster, secure, and eco-friendly. Its bold claims are

  • 99.9% uptime
  • 100% customer satisfaction

It has brilliant page loading. Its speed is 477ms. Furthermore, it also has good support with quick answers. GreenGeeks also has an extensive knowledge base where users can search for answers to their questions. In addition, they also have phone support.

GreenGeeks gives loose domain call registration and transfer. If you get your domain name via them, they’ll hold it free for so long as you operate their services. Moreover, in case your website is already hosted elsewhere, they assist you to switch your site to their servers for free.

Greengeeks is green. what does it mean? well, GreenGeeks will buy 3 times the wind strength credit to make up for the strength utilized by their offerings to strengthen your website.

Furthermore, they also have a 30-day money guarantee. Also, they have backup plans if the site crashes.

It has data centers in three locations

  • Chicago, US
  • Montreal, CA
  • Amsterdam, NL

GreenGeeks follows the tried-and-true industry-standard practice of advertising a very low monthly rate of $2.49 on their website, only for you to find out that you actually have to sign up for three years in advance to get it.

6. Linode


Linode is a virtual private server hosting. We use Linode for web website hosting a couple of tasks that require easy virtual device environments. In particular, it is beneficial for a number of our smaller and/or greater custom tasks. Its affordability, plus clear-cut setup method makes it attractive while as compared to greater expansive carrier services like Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services,

Its pros are:

  • Extremely simple setup.
  • Backup snapshotting as an add-on feature.
  • Recovery controls for systems that are inaccessible via SSH.

Its cons are

  • Web interface design is clunky.
  • Knowing when to upgrade VMs is often unclear.
  • Pricing for some features feel poorly graduated.

Linode is splendid to have around as a long-running digital system for web websites hosting small projects, evidence of concepts, and as a trendy sandbox for in-improvement net services. It also can be used to tunnel TLS connections, host pretty custom-designed server environments, and serve net initiatives which have famous aid requirements.

Linode’s help has traditionally been quick, helpful, and right away. They avoid using AI robots for a response instead there is a person to help you out.

7. Kinsta


Kinsta is local development WP made easy. Kinsta was running to become the hosting provider of choice for WordPress customers who’re organized to look past advertising and marketing campaigns and low fees to discover a rapid and steady home for his or her website.

If the concept of speedy loading times, fewer internet site control duties to take care of, and much less downtime to worry about sounds appealing, then Kinsta will be the proper web host for you.

They use the google cloud platform which makes them unique. This allows Kinsta to host your website on a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure with the choice of 21 global server locations.

They also provide services for cloud backup. Automatic cloud backups are kept for a minimum of 14 days. The server uptime is also very amazing. It is checked after every five minutes to allow the response team to respond at any time. The server uptime is 99.9%.

Furthermore, the website migration is available free of cost at all hosting plans. Lots of measures are in place to keep your site secure, including GeoIP blocking, DDoS scanning, proactively stopping malicious code entering the network, self-healing PHP, GCP firewall.

if you’re looking for a faster and more reliable host for your WordPress website, or if you want to launch your new site on managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta come highly recommended.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

In short, a Virtual Private Server is a server that’s housed by a company somewhere around the globe. By purchasing


Virtual Private Server is the mesh of features of a shared hosting service and dedicated servers. It presents the pros of both of these services in order to provide a more hybrid experience to your customers as well as a good amount of customization. Basically, a physical server is separated into different virtual machines of VPS. Each VPS operates completely independently, so they can run their own Operating system and set of applications. This makes this service much more cost-effective for web professionals and businesses.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your VPS

VPS Hosting Considerations

In recent times, many websites, small, medium as well as large are turning into VPS Hosting. After all, they get the benefits of Dedicated Server hosting at marginal costs. This provides an affordable web hosting option for growing their business.

Once you have made up your mind about moving your site to VPS, it’s time to start looking for a good plan. Every website and business is unique and has a specific need and requirement that should be fulfilled by the hosting provider.

Shared vs Dedicated Server

Shared Server: Shared hosting is provided by almost every web hosting provider, and that too at a very low cost. As the name itself suggests, in shared hosting, multiple websites share the same server space on a single server that is maintained by the hosting provider. The total available resources of the server are divided among all of the shared websites. Like bandwidth, power, and memory. In the shared server, the hosting provider is the one who takes care of things like basic user support, maintaining server hardware and software, and providing, updating basic security protocols.

Dedicated Server: Dedicated servers are at the other end of the hosting spectrum from shared hosting. In this model, a hosting provider rents a single virtual server with all its available resources to one client. With the exclusive use of a server, site owners are free to install any software they choose and manage the site as they wish. Dedicated hosting packages vary in terms of the amount of support and maintenance they offer, but typically the provider takes responsibility for maintaining the virtual servers. The owner is in control of the setup and running of the site itself. Dedicated hosting eliminates the problems that go along with a shared hosting environment.

Since no other sites are sharing the server, there’s no risk of exposure to malware, viruses, or other problems from neighboring sites. And that also means all the dedicated server’s resources become available at all times, which enhances site speed and improves stability. The different users can run their choice of operating system without any worries.

Managed vs Unmanaged

There is no right or wrong choice here. The key to deciding this lies in finding the one that suits your individual requirements. If you are a tech-savvy individual, then you can look for self-managed or unmanaged VPS hosting plans. It offers you a great amount of flexibility to update and reduce unscheduled conflicts. On the other hand, if you’re not a tech-savvy person, then a fully managed VPS hosting plan is a better option. SO you can leave all the technical tasks to the host and focus on your business.


Today, people expect sites to be online and fully functional at any level, time of the day or night. Therefore you need to be ready to offer a seamless site experience to your visitors around. Hence, it is important to partner with a VPS provider who understands the criticality of uninterrupted service.


RAM helps you in caching, while CPU cores help you provide a faster response time. Also, applications which require more CPU resources, are usually RAM-heavy too. Therefore, make sure that you assess your site’s requirements carefully. This will help you choose the combination of CPU and RAM which is best suited for your website.


With search engines and social media platforms, governing the flow of unlimited traffic, predicting your site’s traffic is an impossible task. Therefore, site owners need to be prepared to manage sudden traffic spikes. Look for a VPS hosting provider that offers quick and easy scalability of resources


Well, when it comes to price, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you are someone who wants to get the best possible option then you should go for 24-hour support and as much better hardware if possible.

Ease of Use

When you are considering VPS, it’s good to know that each user’s resources are secluded from others. This means that tasks being run on another user’s server won’t affect your website or application’s performance.

Customer Reviews

Of course, customer reviews are something you should always check, irrespective of the product or service you want to buy. It tells you a lot about the various experiences of individuals from all over the world. It also gives you a very good idea of whether a web hosting environment is catering to all the reviews professionally and taking care of their customers.

Advantages of VPS hosting

  • The VPS offers more spontaneity and features than the shared web hosting server
  • The webmaster using the VPS can install any software which can be very advantageous for his growing business.
  • Each VPS is isolated from other VPS sharing the same physical web server. The resources used by each VPS on the physical web server can be centrally controlled by the web host.
  • Most VPS use the Linux-based operating system which has a proven track record of being more stable and secure than the more expensive windows server Windows-based operating system
  • VPS can allow the webmaster to host numerous websites very efficiently
  • A VPS account will usually come with more services and tools from your web host much more than what is offered with the shared web hosting service
  • As the VPS is isolated from other websites, that is, the VPS does not interact with other websites present on the physical server, the security aspect of a VPS is much stronger than the risky shared web hosting server, where a harmful script or application used by another webmaster can harm your website.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting Plans

The most prominent disadvantages of the VPS hosting environment are due to limited hardware resources. Most of these provide limited RAM, CPU, and disk space and on top of that, due to the hardware resources being shared by the many websites that use the server, you are not able to fully take benefit of all its functionalities.

VPS also comes with its risk of managers, since they are integrated with many web applications like forums, chatbots, etc, depending on the webmaster the experience could be bad. If the webmaster is insufficient to handle the unlimited traffic that these applications attract, there will be consequences. Again, if the webmaster does not possess high levels of proficiency, it could easily destroy the whole experience. But the best part is, that these are the things which can somewhat be controlled by choosing the most suitable hosting service for you and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions when it comes to using VPS services in the UK.

Are there free VPS options?

There isn’t any hosting plan that is 100% free. Most of them would provide a basic set of services in their free plan, but not everything is completely free

What’s the best VPS for the UK?

Liquidweb is the best VPS for Uk. Its main goal is providing the best quality and doing innovations.

Are all VPS companies the same?

Even if the main service that these providers are providing is somewhat the same, easy VPS company is different with their own sets of benefits.

What’s the best cheap UK VPS?

Bluehost is the most affordable VPS in the United Kingdom.

UK Virtual Private Servers a Recap

In conclusion, you can get a great deal of money for managing your websites. VPS provides a balanced service between Shared hosting services and Dedicated sharing servers. It is being used by businesses of all sizes due to its vast range of advantages and that too under affordable costs. A good webmaster, who has a professional approach to manage all the web applications, can make a huge difference in the business aligned with that service provider. In this article, we provided 7 options for the best UK VPS service providers, that can efficiently provide helpful services to help outgrow your business.